Why donate?

Why donate blood? Thanks to Bloedserieus, donating takes up very little of your time and you can help save lives.   

Bloedserieus organises blood collections in central locations in our six largest university towns twice a year. So donating is straightforward and fast. How does your donation save lives? Well…

What does your blood do?

Your blood carries oxygen, heat, nutrients and hormones around your body and eliminates all kinds of waste products from it. Your blood also protects you from external micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria. It is also crucial in regulating your body temperature.

Why donate blood?

Red blood cells are given to patients with anemia or who are experiencing severe hemorrhaging, for example following and accident or an operation.

Ready to give blood? That’s great news for lots of people!

  • Who? Fill in our donor self-assessment test and find out immediately if you're eligible to donate blood.
  • How often can I give blood? You can give blood up to four times a year, with at least 60 days between each donation.
  • How long does it take? Giving blood takes about an hour, although the actual blood collection normally only takes about nine minutes.
  • Where can I give blood? You can give blood in your local area or at one of our donor centres (link in Dutch). 

Why donate plasma?

Not as well known, but equally important! Approximately 55% of our blood is made up of a yellow liquid: plasma. Plasma comprises 91.5% water and 8.5% dissolved substances such as proteins, sugars, fats, salts, hormones and vitamins. These substances are vital for effective blood clotting and for fighting viruses (micro-organisms

By donating plasma you can help people who've lost a lot of blood due to a medical emergency. Patients with blood-clotting disorders and new-born babies with severe jaundice also require plasma. Plasma is also the building block for many life-saving medicines.

  • Who? Complete our donor self-assessment test donor self-assessment test and find out immediately if you're eligible to donate plasma.
  • How often can I give plasma? You can give plasma every 14 days. However, you must wait for 28 days after a blood donation before you can give plasma or platelets again (as opposed to 14 days). 
  • How long does it take? Plasma collection takes around 45 minutes.
  • Where can I give plasma? As a special device is required to collect plasma, you can only donate it at a donor centre (link in Dutch).

Find out whether you would make a suitable donor and discover how blood donations work on https://www.rodekruis.be/en/what-can-you-do/give-blood/ 

Not sure if you're able to donate?

Check out our online donor self-test to find out! That way, you won’t waste precious time coming our to our collection point for nothing.

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